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Ladies Events

Ladies' Events are typically held on a bi-monthly basis and

are a wonderful opportunity for the moms to enjoy a

social setting minus interruptions, sippy cups and diapers!

Past events include:

  • Spa Treatments

  • Cocktail Parties 

  • Art Nights

  • Exercise Events

  • Workshops

  • Home Decor Tutorials

  • Holiday Cookie Exchange

Children's Events

Our children's events are for kids as well as our families.The majority of our children’s events will be held locally on amonthly basis.  Events typically include a snack/refreshment.  


Events our kids have enjoyed in the past are:

  • Art Afternoons 

  • Ice Cream

  • Socials  Music Classes  

  • Gymnastics Classes 

  • Cooking Classes

 Our seasonal events, such as the Fall Festival,December Holiday Party and Spring Egg Hunt enablethe entire family to participate in the festivities and createfun-filled lifelong memories with new and old friends.  

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